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Hello! I want to officially welcome you to Bombshell Bakes. My name is Brandi Neal and I am the owner of BSB! I have always loved cooking and baking since I was a little girl but it wasn’t until 2018 that I realized I truly had a passion for baking. I took classes from my favorite bakers and cake artists to help my baking skills grow into what they are today. I have such sweet memories with my aunt in the kitchen, she invested time into me when it comes to baking, even showing me how to properly crack an egg.

Aside from baking, I have my PhD in Education Policy and work at the University of Southern Indiana within the Student Affairs Department. I am passionate about educating others on diversity and inclusion of all. When I’m not in the kitchen or at USI, I love to be around family, travel, crafting, and cooking.

Bombshell Bakes started in 2018, when I had a dream to open up a bakery in my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. After getting my ideas and goals in place, Bombshell Bakes became a reality. Since 2018, I have made thousands of cookies, countless pies, many custom cakes, cupcakes and more. I would have to say my best-selling item is my cookies and cream cookie, so if you don’t know what to order first… start there.

Bombshell Bakes prides itself in offering fresh ingredients and premium baked desserts to its customers and always goes the extra mile to put a personal touch on every order. About 90% of my recipes are self-developed. I have spent countless hours in the kitchen perfecting every recipe to ensure it is the perfect consistency and taste, every single time.  Bombshell Bakes is located in Evansville, Indiana but can ship anywhere in the United States! We sell primarily online, but hope to attend pop-up shops this year, and I hope to extend my business to retail or even a food truck in the near future. As you can see, 2022 is going to be a big year for BSB and we hope you are along for the ride!

April – Stress Awareness Month

Stress, something everyone has to navigate at some point in their lives. We can feel anxious because we
don’t feel like we’re in control of events. We can become dissatisfied with our circumstances in life. We
can be filled with worry about things turning from bad to worse and dealing with uncertainty can be
very hard. Having too much stress is stressful… here are some tips to keep you chugging along!
First…what causes stress?
Stress can be caused by internal or external ‘stressors’: Internal stressors include our feelings and
expectations, and external stressors arise from the environment and events taking place around us.

External stressors can include:
• Relationship problems
• Moving house
• Commuting or sitting in traffic
• Serious injury or chronic illness
• Dramatic changes in your life
• Marriage or divorce
• Financial stresses
• Family bereavement
• A huge number of situations relating to work

Internal stressors come from within you. These stressors might be related to:
• Your perception of events
• Your expectations
• Your standards
• Your desires
• Measuring yourself against situations or others
• Your personal goals

How to relieve stress?
• Get some sleep!
It is important that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, which I know can be hard… I get up
very early to bake. But sleep gives you a chance to rest and repair your mind as well as your
body. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can feel fatigued and irritable.
• Turn off your devices!
I know… you “can’t live without it”. But without a device in your hand, or a screen to look, you
will truly be able to just breathe and relax.
• Take a day to yourself!
A day at home, an afternoon at the park, or even a movie day: do something for YOU. It’s time
where you can re-energize and re-invigorate.

Where BSB comes in…

There are a few ways we would love to help you out in relieving your stress…
• Nothing is better than coming home to a sweet BSB dessert. (I recommend trying our
Strawberry Cheesecake cookie ) Order a dozen cookies to ship right to your door!
• Brunch & Bubbly: Mother’s Day Off Edition – Our stress relieving event is coming up and it is the
perfect event for you to sit back and enjoy yourself.
• You have a celebration coming up and you have to bring a dessert… we get it, you are busy and
are too tired to even begin to make something to bring. We have you covered! We have a huge
variety of desserts for you to choose from, maybe you want an assortment of cookies, or a
customized cake, we will ensure you that your guests willed be WOWED with BSB.

Find out today!

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