About Bombeshell Bakes!

Bombshell Bakes was established in 2018 by the owner Brandi Neal. While always knowing she had a passion for baking, she never imagined having a successful business. Starting at the early age of 8, Brandi learned from her aunts and grandmothers how to bake and what it meant to be a baker. She still carries these tips and traditions with her in the kitchen today. Prior to establishing BSB, Brandi baked for family and friends, but on rare occasions. Dropping off a cake to a friend one day kick started what is known today as Bombshell Bakes. Establishing the company while working on her Ph.D., Brandi found a way to build a business from the ground up and is extremely proud of how much the business has grown. She prides herself and Bombshell Bakes on professionalism and quality. Here at Bombshell Bakes we promise to provide customers with an experience that will have them loving the sweeter part of life.

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and we lovvvve reviews!

Brandi made an AMAZING strawberry shortcake cheesecake for my graduation party. it look absolutely beautiful. Prices are also super reasonable for the product you receive and she even delivered it to me. Seriously, worth every penny!
- Natalia